Sam mortimore likes food alot often found chewing gum all though he looses alot he is still a confident guy he is often found with random things in his bag like window parts and signs

He is also small
*Looks down*
“Hey Sam mortimore whats in ur bag?”
Sam:”stolen chocolate and a wedding ring and another bag”
by ANDWHaT!!!??? April 20, 2023
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A heroic clan opposed to the savage Mortimer clan. Also known as the Mores, they have been battling the Mers for millennia in an ongoing war in order to reproduce as much as possible so that they can outnumber the other clan.
It is considered rude to deny a Mortimore their sex privileges since all you are doing is hindering them in their battles against the Mers.
by MadHatter6 June 6, 2020
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