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A Dutch word roughly equivalent to the English word "retarded".
Oh my god, madd gek, get off the stage!
by Joshua Marcotte April 18, 2006
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geek sex, aka sex with a geek.

geeks like to have sex too, and when two geeks can get past their nerdish tendencies and actually connect in real-time, geek sex can occur.

Geks can occur between geeks of the same or opposite sex. Whichever turns your crank.

Sturgeon General's Warning: geks can lead to geek babies without adequate protection.
Once they agreed to disagree about which is better, Star Wars or Star Trek, Pat and Terry had an amazing night of geks.
by raphaelBC February 29, 2008
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The term Gek is a coined phrase meaning a "cool" geek the second 'e' of ge(e)k is missing as he/her geek has taken the E while out clubbing. The gek is commonly not of usual geek looks but still retains vast skills of the geek world such as computer programming and usless trivia.
Hey larisa that computer programmer james your seeing is a right gek. he was looking well fit last night in that club, looked like he was well on it!!!
by JayP LBut March 23, 2010
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Geks are small beaked creatures from the universe of no mans sky. They once ruled the universe with an iron fist but are now just greedy little merchants and sexy beasts. They commonly use their pheromones to communicate and persuade those they speak to.
Tom runs like an idiot and is always so greedy, what an absolute Gek.
by The cure for BOFA July 28, 2018
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Gek is Keg spelled backwards in a ridiculous attempt to liven up a 'word-a-day'.
I got 'keg' as my word-a-day...that's boring, I'll say gek instead!

Pat, you're a gek!
by Gertrude Simmons. October 28, 2006
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A word derived from the word "geek". Shortened to confuse persons on the recieving end of the insult. Can also be used as a prefix or suffix to a variety of words.
Quit being such an uber gek.

Let's head to the lan cafe and indulge in some gek-tr0n.
by th0mas_3gg September 28, 2005
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