To be highly obsessed or in love with a person ; to describe an intense interest or emotion
I’m so geeked over son ones son .
by Ponyboy July 6, 2018
To be utterly incapacitated with laughter. To be excited about something. Used to describe something that was funny.
I'm so Geeked brother.
Wow he fell off the car, I'm geeked

He is late again for class, that's a geek.
by Waffles239 December 20, 2018
Coked out. Occurs after snorting a lot of cocaine.
I am so geeked. Pure as the driven snow.
by Amanda February 20, 2005
To be high out of your mind by smoking weed. Excessive laughter and munchies are the side effects. So high your eyes are as red as the devils dick.
"Yo gimmie that blunt"

"Naa man you geeked as fuck already"

"Fuck you nigga, this my shit"

by Fatty McPots January 28, 2010
1. Refer to song by Gucci Mane-"Pillz"

2. Q: Are you geeked up?

A: Bitch I might be
by jobiekc July 8, 2009
Very happy to the point of extreme excitment or beyond. Or just a geeked mood, when you just feel out of it and you start acting geeked up.
I'm so geeked about this weekends show!

Dude, I'm so geeked today I don't know what my deal is?
by Samantha Peck April 18, 2007