When something is below par, out of fashion or ill-fitting. Can relate to something that may be a substandard version of a pre-existing product or item. Can also relate to a feeling or mood, when one does not feel quite themselves. This may have been due to over-indulgance on a night out. Often referring to items or people that are just crap.
His t-shirt is well gazzy.
I'm feeling proper gazzy.

That TV is gazzy.

His hairdo is gazzy as fuck.
by julesmasterj February 22, 2012
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Short for Nokien "Gazzaloddi." A gazzi is a Finnish made mountain bike tire. At a width of 3.0" they can only be used with the largest of downhill and freeride bikes. Their big, knobby treads make them grip the trail better than most tires and their large volume makes the bike feel like it has an extra 3" of suspension travel. Unfortunatly their weight and rolling resistance makes them impractical for most DH race/freeride applications. Some expert freeriders use them, but only in the most adverse conditions. They are also popular with noobs who can't negotiate a rock garden to save their hide and posers who use them to make their $4,000 DH bike that dad bought for them look cool.
Yeah, I made the mistake of running gazzies last race. I ended up with a pretty mediocre time.

Pfft! What the hell is that poser doing with gazzies, I've never even seen him take his bike off road!
by mtn freerider November 18, 2005
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(n., sing.; adj.) GAH-tsee. Garish, overly ornamented art, architecture, or furnishings, often, but not exclusively Italian rococo and its (even worse) imitators. Examples include Louis XV furniture painted white with gold trim (e.g., Elena Ceausescu's collection), table lamps with oil that drips down the outside, and the Vittorio Emmanuel memorial in Rome.

Derivation: mishearing of the word "gauche" mispronouced as "GAH-chee": as the misheard "GAH-tsee" sounded Italian and the term was often used of the yard ornaments of an Italian-American neighbor, the alternate version stuck.
"I was looking for a simpler tombstone, something without all of the gazzi."
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relating to someone who cannot drink more than a mouthful of beer before rushing off to evacuate their bladders
He's got a real gazzy-bladder. That's the third piss he's had in ten minutes
by Tom B April 21, 2003
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When someone try’s to act funny but there not or someone who takes a joke to serious
Person 1 : *sends picture of ET* hay this looks like you.
Person 2: omg you do this every time we talk it’s not even funny you’re r calling me ugly.
Person 1: dude chill stop acting so fro gazzy
by Aceton trash July 1, 2021
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Me: Do you want some gazzy b with your pasta?
You: Cheesy?
Me: Of course.
by mozzag July 4, 2023
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