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When something is below par, out of fashion or ill-fitting. Can relate to something that may be a substandard version of a pre-existing product or item. Can also relate to a feeling or mood, when one does not feel quite themselves. This may have been due to over-indulgance on a night out. Often referring to items or people that are just crap.
His t-shirt is well gazzy.
I'm feeling proper gazzy.

That TV is gazzy.

His hairdo is gazzy as fuck.
by julesmasterj February 22, 2012
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The first name of Lil Pump, whose full name is Gazzy Garcia.
Luca: Yo Mike did you see Gucci Gang by Gazzy
Mike: Bruh just call him Lil Pump, not Gazzy
by Euphorian December 03, 2017
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Adjective used to describe something that awesome, cool, or sick. Derived from the term “orgasmic”.
Eric: “Dude, these chicken tenders are so good!”

Jacob: “Dip em in this sauce and they’re gazzy bro”

JT: “nah, my sauce is way more gaz. Try it”

(est. 4/26/18)
by SlipperyRic May 31, 2018
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