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3 definitions by Tom B

A British rave festival held at SEone underneath the arches of London Bridge. The longest running and largest indoor rave festival in the world, it lasts for 9 hours and represents the largest styles of rave music- D&B, Old Skool, House, Hardcore and the future of the rave scene, Breaks.
Tickets are around £17 pound and it's held roughly every 3 months. You can buy tickets online or at various record shops and outlets across London.
Don't worry about ID-they don't give a fuck how old you are.
Everything rave-related is available to buy, but you will definately be able to pick it up cheaper outside with the exception of the Laughing Gas.
You do not have to drop to enjoy raindancebut you will find it hard to last the distance without some kind of stimulant. Good pills are readily available for around £5 each inside but obviously picking up yourself is a better idea.
Drinks are typically expensive- purchase the 'balloons' of NO2 for sale inside for a short but absolutely mental headrush.
Wear loose clothes and trainers- BRING CHEWING GUM. This is sold for around £2 pound inside.
Anyone who likes to dance will love it.
Raindance- for those that know.
Are you going to Raindance?
by Tom B March 5, 2005
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Dirty pervert who has sex with twelve year old girls (or boys)
by Tom B April 21, 2003
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relating to someone who cannot drink more than a mouthful of beer before rushing off to evacuate their bladders
He's got a real gazzy-bladder. That's the third piss he's had in ten minutes
by Tom B April 21, 2003
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