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A gaymon is a person who has no friends but thinks he does. No one really likes him and only goes online to get girlfriends! As he is really ugly and has no hope of getting a real life girl friends. Loves to make him self feel important by making up stories!

Most gaymon's can be found from Online games!

We all know a gaymon!
Ling Ling : "Omg this loser is trying to pick me from ORO (onlinegame) he knows i'm 14 he must be a gaymon"
by Ling Ling Ding ding December 11, 2006
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Someone who is constantly miserable, always finding another reason to be upset, and blaming everyone/thing else for their condition
Boy, that guy hates eveything. What a gaymon!!!
by RandyFandy November 24, 2006
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a person (usually male) who believe that the world revolves around him. expecting everyone to have him as their first priority and know what he wants.
*Gaymon sits with afk sign in the presence of a friend*
Friend: hey joe
Joe: hey
*Friend and Joe walk away*
(hours later)
Gaymon: why didnt you say hi to me?
Friend: I thought you were afk
Gaymon: whatever
by Shugo September 18, 2007
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Naturally born to be a gabber, likes to boast and twist stories around. One of his moves to approach an online game player (normally a female) is to talk via PM (private message). Now he tries to approach any cute female preys on iRO.
Gaymon: "Hey, come with me. I'll show you that I can kill Archangeling."
A cute female player: "Sure, woahh how cool is that u can kill it" ^__^

few seconds later

Gaymon: *whacks whacks* Arrghh ouuchhh *lies cold on the ground* Can you ress me please??
A cute female player: What the??
by Chanzey March 15, 2008
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A person with no ambitions or life who spends the majority of his time sitting at his computer trying to discover other peoples lives and then gossiping about them and altering their stories.
Tabi: Gaymon told me that you and Lilaea broke up over WoW
Daniel: HE told me that you're an ugly red head
Tabi: God what a loser.
Daniel: Yeah.. what a Gaymon.
by Guk` October 15, 2007
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A Jamaican man that sucks penis to get the cum out of it.
Man 1: yo you gay mom
Man 2: You said mom.
Man 1: Oh, my bad.

after man 1 walks up to someone else;

Man 1: yo you gay mon
Man 3: Yeah, I'm a gay mon
Man 1: Fagget
by whitebill January 03, 2008
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