A group of gay men or women heading to brunch on a Sunday.
1. "A gayggle of us went to that new New Orleans-themed brunch spot up on Clark Street. Cute place, and terrific bloody Marys!"

2. Man, I would've gotten here quicker, but I was walking behind a slow-moving gayggle for six blocks down Clark Street.
by C Dillard February 26, 2009
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(noun) The annoying effeminate giggle, titter or laugh occasionally produced my male homosexuals. This obnoxious noise is known to be especially painful to the ears of heterosexual males, but also is unpleasant to other homosexuals as it indicates someone trying to attract unnecessary attention to themselves. It is believed to have originated in humans as both a mating call for homosexuals, and a warning noise for heterosexuals.

Note that use of this term is not meant to be automatically disparaging against homosexuals, but rather against the terrible noise that merely happens to be made only by homosexuals, and then only by some individuals.
Guy 1: "Tee hee hee!"
Guy 2: "Dude, I don't care that you're gay, but knock off the gayggle, it's scaring away the ladies."
by biggs33 September 22, 2009
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