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16 definitions by biggs33

Some catch, trick, or error that is hidden in the details, often easily missed.
A: Man, this whiskey is smooth!
B: Dude, it's only 80 proof, you're drinking a liqueur not liquor. Remember, the devil is in the details.
by biggs33 October 5, 2010
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(noun) A tropical cocktail made famous by "Trader Vic" Bergeron in 1944, after mixing rum, lime, orange curacao, orgeat and syrup, with a spring of mint and fresh fruit garnish. His Tahitian friends named it with their native reply after tasting it, "mai tai" meaning literally "very good". Note that legend has it the drink is based on a recipe by "Don the Beachcomber" Gantt, who also invented the Navy Grog, the Tahitian Rum Punch, the Dr. Funk, and the Zombie.
"I don't care how you make it or what you substitute, I demand a Mai Tai!"
by biggs33 May 12, 2009
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A low quality cut of beef, as opposed to prime rib.
A: How is your steak?
B: This crap is subprime rib.
by biggs33 October 20, 2008
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Making a false statement with deliberate intent to deceive, but based on a theory that may actually be true. From Arrested Development, Season 5, Episode 7 ("Rom-Traum").
George-Michael Bluth: I think you were right. They were together in Mexico, and that's why my dad has been weird with me.

Maebynke: Wow, I was just specu-lying.
George-Michael Bluth: Well, you nailed it, Buttons.
by biggs33 June 1, 2018
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1. A device for measuring the degree to which one is an asshole.

2. A device for measuring the degree to which one is full of shit.
"Wow, Buck, that story just sent the sphinctometer needle into the brown!"
by biggs33 November 6, 2008
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Producing an idea for an offense that may be punishable by law, by holding a spontaneous group discussion. A combination of the words crime and brainstorming. From Arrested Development, Season 5, Episode 7 ("Rom-Traum").
Maebynke: Maybe I can just pretend like I have an illness where I forget everything.

George-Michael Bluth: Like Alzheimer's?
Maeby Fünke: That's a thing, too? I was just crime-storming. You know, just lying out loud. How funny.
by biggs33 June 1, 2018
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(adjective) a sound which is causing a feeling of nausea or disgust, especially a nagging or grating voice.
"Stop talking so much, your voice is noisiating."
by biggs33 April 3, 2022
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