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When one has surpassed being just gay, that they join into a group of super gays. Known as Gaygays, and they all ass rape eachother.

This word or saying also pisses Jeff the fuck off
1:John " Hey Justin"
Justin "John shut the fuck up, you Gaygay."

2:i was down at the fucking mall today and saw a whole bunch of fucking gaygays and they were all assrapeing eachother.FUCK.
by XJustin August 31, 2006
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A stud who dates other studs. Most studs find it nasty when in fact it is the same thing underneath all the clothes are are still two females. and still lesbians.
Stud 1 : Hey ma what's good.
Stud 2: Hell naw get away from me you gay gay ass stud
by Reeze October 28, 2006
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1. Any situation that is too gay to only use one gay in the sentence

2. A person that repeatedly uses the word gay
1. That basketball game was gay gay.

2. You guys are just being gay gay.
by timmytay January 19, 2008
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