Term used to describe people who act super gay and do super gay things but are somehow straight. If you get called this, please check your actions and make sure that you aren’t bothering anyone else with them. Typically used when you say something or do something gay but you have a girlfriend or they know you’re semi or fully straight.

Used often in Broward.
Guy 1: Did you hear Thomas and Jaden

came up to me and tried to grab my ass?

Guy 2: REALLY? Don’t they have girlfriends?

Guy 1: Yeah but they’re just being gaygay they need to chill out.
by BigDickClyde1993 November 14, 2018
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something that my dumb ass friend came up with in 3rd grade.
You got to a golf course, strip down to your thong and choose who's swinging and who's penetrating. the swinger gets the golf club and hits the ball. the perpetrator puts his dick in the swingers ass and as the swings the golf club he thrusts. You switch positions until one of you nuts. Who ever nuts has to blow the other guy!!
shawn mendes: oh cool.
james charles: I'M PENETRATING!!! :)))
shawn mendes: wait what-
by bigdaddygay October 15, 2019
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someone who is acting really gay and obsessing over lady gaga. Particullarly a boy
Boy- Omgee have you heard the new lady gaga song?! Its totally awesome!

Girl- Im a girl and I dont even obsess over her that much. Do you have a case of the Lady GayGay my friend?
by justinbieberfever July 04, 2010
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