No one should be mistreated by there sexuality. Whether you're Gay Lesbian Straight Or Trans...
Who cares your a human being that deserves to be respected

Feel proud and confident about you!
But if you're Person 1:
Fuck off
Person 1:That's so gay
Person 2:(feels embarrassed and anxious about their sexuality)
Person 3: Don't worry I support Gay/Lesbian people

Person 2:(feels proud again)
by Project08 November 01, 2019
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My dog : the one, the only, Gay LESBIAN

with the most voluptuous ass aka daddy satan booty

Hails from the depths of heck which is like hell but with better wifi
Example 1: Dude what the phaq, look at that gay ass, looking ass, lesbian ass, gay lesbian looking dog

Example 2: I didn't touch my dog, I didn't cum on my dog, I didn't come anywhere near my dog but my pee pee did feel aroused and then i realized that I myself am a Gay Lesbian
by nigerianchickenpoodle February 01, 2020
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Straight sexually. A funny play with words. If a man is gay and lesbian, he's straight.

Most times geared toward metrosexuals as well. Rarely Bi.
Guy: I need to go shopping for a Christina Agulara CD
Gurl: You are so gay
Guy: I am not. I love my gurlfriend.
Gurl: Fine....You are so gay-lesbian.
by Tyleya October 18, 2006
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To act lesbian like but not really be a lesbian. The fact that the lesbian is gay makes her straight.
Kristin is such a gay lesbian when she is around Amelia!
by Sir Anderson November 28, 2007
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my man you want both gay + lesbian?

The gay ps4 player wanked off to his cousins facebook
by sc96 November 21, 2018
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Women created by gay men to like other women. When a straight man encounters a gay lesbian often he would lose hope in ever finding the right woman for him so he goes to the gay side. Gays have been creating lesbians since the dawn of time, although it has back fire on most gays, while some straight men enjoy lesbians.
Man: I hate gay lesbians! I’m gonna become gay!
Gay Man: my plans have worked!
by VAd4 May 13, 2008
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1. An umbrella term for the LGBTQ+ community.

2. A man attracted to other men.

3. A woman attracted to other women.
The gay/lesbian/homosexual community is so great.
by LGBTQ+ Identity Hub June 08, 2019
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