A shortened version of "Gay as fuck" or "Homosexual as fuck", Often used to describe someone who is extraordinarily gay, to an almost frightening extent.

Can also be used to describe objects that are indeed, quite homosexual
Steve: Hey man! Have you seen the match today?
Joe: Yeah man, it was gay af
Steve: Why are you shortening it... We're speaking it face to face
by Holyshitthatsprettygay June 1, 2018
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what you are. if you dont know your gay af, i know your gay af. i said what i said
stranger: are you gay af

me: yasssssss! are you gay af
stranger: ofc qween!
by Q4UCKC1TY on twt December 16, 2020
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means gay as fuck, aka what every k-pop "artist" is
guy 1: k-pop is some gay as fuck music

guy 2:yeah these guys are gay af

guy 1: yeah i dont understand why girls would simp for some basic twink
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Gay af is an insult for guys that act sus and fucking gay. It's the maximum amount you can be gay.
Esme, Philippe and David are all gay af.
by Russian_Mango April 7, 2022
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