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gay jesus is when one enters a gun game match, whether it be CS:S, Call of duty, or so on so forth and intentionally knifes another player
Player 1: Woah dude, that guy is pulling a gay jesus, what a fucking queer
Player 2: Yeah dude, I was just about to get to the final gun level but that gay jesus demoted me...
by Mechanic679 October 15, 2013
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Gay jesus a gay (usually male) individual who is most likely in a chorus or art magnet and never shuts the fuck up leading to a flock (or the correct term) herd of fags surrounding them at all time and treating them as above everyone else
"You know that fat fag gavin in the chorus magnet who never shuts the fuck up?"

"Yea they treat him like hes gay jesus or some shit"
by Short midget cunt June 11, 2018
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