is an english saying. If you are CLOSE to getting caught by someone or hit by something but you don't actually get hit or caught you say "that was a close one" so if someone threw a ball at you and it was about to hit you but it didn't and you dodged it you would then use the term "that was a close one"
by Galuzzina February 11, 2016
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To keep to oneself, to be secretive, to be very cautious in one's dealing with people and giving nothing much or nothing at all away. (As if one were playing cards and not permitting anyone to see any of the cards.)
"He is very cautious. He plays his cards close to his chest."

"You seem to be playing your cards close to your vest."

"Roy likes to play his cards close to his chest"

"To play one's cards close to one's chest is not nice etiquette"
by aussieboy322 June 6, 2009
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Insinuating that a man has had or been close to having a homosexual encounter, derogatory.

Usually referring to the male anatomy, or related encounters.

Not commonly understood the first time, timing, setting, and general audience increases effect. Such as a bar surrounded by semi-lucid people. Used similarly but not same as, that's what she said.
by The other Agent August 26, 2010
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While playing one's cards close to one's chest often refers to secretive behavior, it is nowadays being used as a euphemism for breast binding.

A lesbian or trans man may be referred to as someone who plays their cards close to their chest, especially when one is not sure what pronouns to use.
Oh, that's not a man, that's Hannah. She's got great tits but she's a butch and prefers to play her cards close to her chest.

That's Taylor, he can't play tag with us because he's playing his cards close to his chest and we don't want his lungs collapsing.

I saw Alex at the gym yesterday! It was pretty shocking because she usually plays her cards close to her chest but I guess she just uses a sports bra for working out.

Playing one's cards close to one's chest should be done safely and intermittently.
by King UwU Bean November 9, 2023
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