The act of having a same-sex sexual relationship with a close blood relative.

Could bro-bro, sis-sis, male cousin-male cousin (only if they're first cousins) and etc.
Bob: I just had sex with my newphew.

Joe: Your into gay incest!!!
by Rackinghedgeman July 26, 2011
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An insulting name for the tv show/music group The Naked Brothers Band.
Oh boy time to watch some Nickelodeon. Hope some good shows are on, spongebob, maybe Danny phantom...oh's The Gay Incest Band....
by Bassnium.exe October 2, 2023
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Cambridge Dictionary defines "thwarting" as the action of a gay male putting his testicles into a another gay male's anus and deliberately attempting to catch HIV; or, when a gay male puts his entire mouth, teeth and all, into the anus, to eat out the HIV.

In the case of gay thwart sex incest, it is combined with convential homosexual fornication, between blood-related family members.

This is a fact, according to Yahoo Answers user Billie - a general practitioner of 38 years.
Normal person - You're ugly.

Gay person - FUCK YOU. Try do what you want, i will fucking gay thwart sex incest you
by Curryshak2 October 17, 2013
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