Gay means two things In life one means you like the same gender as you or your happy.
1.”Your gay wow so you like men

2.Im so gay (happy) Right now what about you
by Pixel_Gamer February 12, 2020
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1) Happy; joyful.

2) A person who identifies themselves as a homosexual; one who is emotionally, romantically, and or sexually attracted to the same sex. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay, by the way. Many ignorant, bigoted, people feel that sexuality can be changed, but in reality it can not be changed. You will always be homosexual, or bisexual, or a heterosexual.

3) A word commonly used by male teenagers to describe their disgust or hate towards a subject or person.(Honestly, I don't get why people try to use this word in a negative fashion. I find individuals who use this word misappropriately as immature and childish and avoid conversing with that person.)
1) "Yay! I'm so gay that I got a good grade on my test!"

2) "Dad.......I'm gay."

3) "Dude, quit being so gay."

Note: I'm gay in case were are wondering....
by LeWolfe January 01, 2014
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You searched it up, mate
Beckie:Thats kinda gay
by Rein's girlfriend November 01, 2020
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I was having a very gay day today. I asked her out and she said yes!
by Scumditty July 29, 2008
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