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A very charismatic and pretty person,who can simply make anyone laugh and fall for her personality!Person who doesn’t give a fuck about what others think of her.
by anonymous262804 June 07, 2018
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A Gaurika is a CRAZY person. You would regret not being friends with her and your life would definitely be better if you had a Gaurika with you. She is a hopeless romantic and probably has the most pure crush on somebody. She is most likely worrying about her crush or just freaking out over him. She will never do anything to hurt you. She is mostly happy and very joyful but she has her days where she will be happy outside in the public but is secretly breaking on the inside. She also has her days where she stays up really late crying and wakes up with swollen eyes. But hey, she is still an amazing person. Don’t ever break her trust or EVER lie to her. She will only break more if you do that. Don’t worry she’s not a depressed fuck up, just a little sensitive. She is a hilarious person and will ALWAYS make you laugh. She can get moody at times but it’s still entertaining. She has a really good voice and if not she’s probably good at an instrument. Also she HELLA THICK
damnnn that Gaurika is like 50 different personalities combined
by sis🤪🥳 November 27, 2018
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