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someone that is a complete and uber(super) nerd
someone that is a loser and has very few friends
someone who plays DnD, and brags about their level 87 Half-Ling Mage
"Man, Brennan is such a snerd."
Hey, let's go kick his ass!"
"Good idea!"
by DarkMunkey March 05, 2006

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a country that existed in the early to late middle ages in modern-day France, barbarians did live there, except they did not invent testosterone, and they didn't pwn anybody, they were actually little suck-up bitches to the Romans, and for awhile were their ass slaves. They were proud to turn into the dirty French people of today, who the entire world hates... even the French themselves

NOTE: Completely disregard the above definition, it was written by a drunk homosexual... while he was high on cocaine... I am ashamed to know him personally
Person 1: What existed in the area of modern-day France?
Person 2: A country filled with a bunch of sissy barbarians that were ass slaves to the Romans... it was called Gaul.
by DarkMunkey July 20, 2006

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