code for a hot female. other forms include, headlights being tits, diff being the arse, and any other car parts you can name that fit with female body parts. milfs are cork or copper gaskets, young hotties are multi layer steel gaskets. guys just have wheels, wheels are balls...
(woman walks by)

guy 1: "hey guys check out this gasket!"
guy 2: "nice diff, would you say that's a chevy 10 bolt or a ford 9 inch?"
guy 1: "definately a 9 inch, it'd take a pounding"
by bollard key December 27, 2013
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A girl who sucks dick for coke, speed, K or any other snortable drug.
"Is it true that Jasmine is a gasket these day's?"
by Diego July 26, 2003
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A rustic, dauntless, and valiant facial grooming choice that consists of a voluptuous patch of hair encompassing the mouth region of a brave male subject. The purpose of this hygiene choice is to complete the seal between said males mouth and his counterparts Kennebunkport chowder factory as he performs traditional cunnilingus. Some have said this seal could be compared to that of a fresh set of head gaskets on a pristine 1993 Mazda Miata. Most often you can distinguish a beaver gasket by its distinct smell which is often said to smell like a mix of freshly cut timber and freeze dried goliath grouper. Also referred to as a goatee by the layperson.
At first I didn’t think he knew what he was doing because when he went down there it sounded like the sump pump in my basement after a heavy rainfall but then he grew a beaver gasket and now only thing strong then that seal is a fresh bucket of flex seal
by Stuart Mcstiffenrod August 25, 2020
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N. The toilet seat covers commonly found in public restrooms.
Ken left the stall with the ass gasket hanging out of his pants.
by Time Waster November 13, 2002
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The razor-thin, paper toilet seat covers dispensed in public restrooms with the sole intention of deluding the user's basic hygienic standards, enabling him or her to “take up throne” in a creepy bathroom stall.
"I had to crap so bad that I covered my mouth and nose, waded through what looked like bile on the gas stations bathroom floor, kicked open the stall door, pulled out one of those ass gaskets from the dispenser, and calmly sat upon the fidgeting toilet seat."
by Mister Williams August 6, 2008
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