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A few extra dollars you pay your drug dealer to get to you faster.
Can you be here in 20 min if I throw you some gas money?
by Noah98 November 10, 2018
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when you give an attractive girl a ride. gas or ass for payment, gas money" is her giving you head while you drive.
Girl: "Can I get a ride home?"
driver: "give me some gas money"

girl gives him head while driving.
by sam jacobson April 21, 2005
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Lowest rank in the Joker-San Female Rating System. Describes a female who is so desparate for male companionship that she'll bang anyone for Gas Money. One usually has to be extremely intoxicated to wake up next to one of these in the morning, forcing one to pull a coyote ugly, followed by a slew of major profanity, occasionally interrupted by projectile vomiting and sobbing. Also a pre-cursor to repeatedly beating the crap out of one's "so-called" friends for allowing this bullshit to happen. Poor guy.
"Why didn't we stop Spoons from banging that Gas money last night? We better stay out of his way for a while, he's gonna be so pissed when he wakes up, IF he wakes up. Poor guy......"
by SP00NS September 24, 2007
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the money you have to spend on gas to go somewhere; also an excuse to not go somewhere
Noel: Hey Alwin, come to Kundiland. Let's play some cricket.
Alwin: Nah dude. I dont have that gas money
by Curry_Boy February 28, 2015
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Money used to buy drugs, alcohol, party entrees, etc.
Yo I'm about to hit the liquor store, y'all got Gas Money?

I'm buying concert tickets, send me some Gas Money.
by YoungMuzzy August 11, 2017
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Slang term for crack cocaine. Used mainly by white boys in small towns.
Jon: "He totally sold his car for gas money"
Me: "... ME TOO!"
by Mims304 October 19, 2011
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