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To fart into your hand and wave it towards your face.
I was curious as to how bad my fart smelled so i decided to garp.
by Q-4PO May 03, 2008
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Shut the fuck up, no one gives a shit about what you are saying. Garp is very similar to words like dgaf, however the fact that it is such an unknown word allows you to be more creative in your ways of shutting up.
Just garp.
by realcool December 20, 2013
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To garp is to take someone from behind during a ride on public transportation. This includes buses, trains, trams but not your usual automobiles, as there is no standing room to garp properly
Human 1: I can't believe that guy garped me on the bus yesterday

Human 2: Yeah, he garped me too
by garpdaddyyy February 17, 2018
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The act of farting under water and biting the bubble it creates. Females can also "garp" queiffs.
Remember when we were little and you would garp in the pool?
by ThangSlangin April 10, 2009
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Originally: Great African Research Project
A project undertaken in a particular online game, aimed at improving game-performance, the Great African Research Project started by Wollongong was soon abbreviated to garp. This word soon became a common word, with many uses. It could be used instead of n00b, to express surprise, or in any instance where the speaker does not really know what to say.
1: Man, you are such a garp.

A: So how much did you pay for that thing?
B: $ 2599,99
by Wollongong August 05, 2006
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v.) 1.) to catch someone in the act of somthing
2.) to move a group
1.) Dude, i totally garped Madison and Mia in the bedroom just now.
2.) I was garping the group towards a safer location.
by Mia Coffin November 10, 2007
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A word used in any situation to take place of anything. It Can mean anything, can be anything. Originated as points on a line.
Hey your garp is showing.
Your such a garp.
by Peter Shaw the G master May 06, 2007
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