an extremely unlikeable friend of a friend who you put up with to please your friend -
"Im trying to get with this chick - but her friends are the biggest FUCKING garnishes... so its not gonna work - her loss"

"Amanda is a garnish"
by A. GIV June 14, 2004
To add a touch of bling to an outfit.
Yo nigga, you betta garnish that shit if you wanna be flossy.
by el_estevan February 2, 2009
Like served pwned or owned only in the extreme. Derives from the act of hiding garnish in ones clothes as a prank
Dude, is that lettuce in your pocket? You just got garnished.
by Matt March 26, 2005
After dropping your man juice on a persons face, you rip your ass hair out and sprinkle it upon thier face. To "garnish " ones face
" you How was she? did you do the garnish"

by Joe and Nate April 9, 2008
To have a touch of bling accenting an outfit.
That nigga was garnished head to toe!
by el_estevan February 2, 2009
to take money out of your account when it is needed at the worst possible time
we are garnishing your bank account.
by slakisdotcom July 26, 2004
A small group of or a single pubic hair that is stuck to the side of a toilet or urinal.
Yo yo yo?!?! Who decorated the toilet with dat mutha fuckin' piece of garnish?
by nate_j_y December 7, 2005