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Garlic Butter-
a violent greasy liquid used to prevent your enemies from caressing your earlobes.
(Suggestion: Attack best used whence spraying at the enemy rather than pouring. Though if you feel the need to penetrate enemy with such substance, so be it; that works too.)

Gerald *fills pressure washer with garlic butter*
Ann: Gerald, what the hell?!
Gerald: A n n; do y o u wanna fucking die in the earlobe apocalypse?!
Gerald: then f u c k o f f.
Ann: *f u c k i n g a w a y f r o m g e r a l d*
Gerald: Bashiba, Ann
Ann: B a s h i b a Gerald.*eyebrow wiggle*
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by Oh_its_just_you.-. August 10, 2018
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