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1. Philosopher - Gargi was an ancient Vedic philosopher in India, the daughter of sage Vachaknu and born in the family of Garg.
"Of the few women of the ancient world who were recognized and remembered through the ages, the vedic philosopher, Gargi, stands out."
by r2d2ornot February 04, 2010
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Great and loving. Hates people with high self-esteem and attitude.REALLY smart af. LOVES to make people jealous. Do not date Gargi.
A Gargi will duck as hard as you want.
by Hsssh July 09, 2018
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v. (Gar-ghis) - 1. The latin word for gargling a penis.
2. All-time main assist.
1. When Gargising, don't forget to spit and rinse.
by Gargis Fan April 18, 2010
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