A real life relationship that is not filtered, omitted or compared to that on movies or TV(cyber relationship and internet relationship not included)
Relationships on TV is nothing compared to realtionships.
by Nanpee June 3, 2018
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1. Love hate realtionship is a complicated relationship in which there are always two sides. The first side is the common attraction and love for one another. The second is the "hate" which is actually an attraction so strong that our human heart can sustain, it is based mostly in fear.
2. Love hate realationship can emerge from a partnership where both people have to work in the same space or office. There is an attraction but there is also no privacy in which each to be alone. So it becomes something like...I like you but I cant be with you all the time, so I hate you that way we can be in the same space without being together.
My parents started as a love hate realtionship.
by Dragone June 14, 2006
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Love/Hate realtionship:
This kind of relationship is when two people just dislike each other..They bicker or fight or whatever.In other words..They hate each other.But,Deep down..They like each other.They may have a secret crush or are dating/Married.
Like in the nick T.V show,ICarly:
Freddie and Sam hate each other.But,deep down..They do care.Why would they want to be friends?But,this isn't an exact example.Not the best.Because this is friendship.Not love.
But,In a way this is a love/hate realtionship.
by SVE January 26, 2008
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A phrase said when your girlfriend wants to break up with you but doesn't want to hurt your feelings but on the inside she hates you deeply
Girlfriend:I don't think im ready for a realtionship

you:I know what that means just fucking say whats wrong with me

by Mr.Edmentia April 15, 2022
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