To Gare is to molest young boys and girls in a pedastry way.
Mike "Gared" that little boy till he bled.
by Andrew September 20, 2004
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One who has achieved a state of Gareness
eg To the masses, they attribute his success to his physical fitness when in reality it is because he is a Gare.
by Langdon Olger January 13, 2009
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A gare is a very small penis. Commonly referred to as a “lil gare”. Sometimes you can use it as an insult as well.
Aiden, stop being such a Little Gare

or “Shut the hell up, you gare
by juliosales April 29, 2018
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Noun Gare m. - like when da hoes up in dere no gare noob lol

Verb Gare m. - for wen dey no liek how it goes but only if dey didn alredy gare u gar
That old guy gared me from above
by Gare The Ultimate Geesh August 1, 2011
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A state of Great Awareness similar to the oneness experienced through contemplative meditation, however achieved during physical exercise.
eg, you can achieve Gareness through long bike rides
eg, a person can reach a state of Gareness when the physical is transcended while experiencing muscle burn
eg, Dude, you totally won that race because you were in Gareness.
by Langdon Olger January 12, 2009
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If a straight man is being 'eyed up' by a gay man, he is being 'Gared at'.

If the partner of said straight man is being stared at by said gay (in a "how dare you be with him" way), she is being 'Gared down'.
Oh my God, can we go somewhere else, I keep being 'Gared at'.

If he tries to gare me down once more, I'm going to go over there and steal his Les Mis CD.
by Rebecca Jo May 8, 2010
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