The subculture of individuals who make it their mission to toy with large consumer stores through means such as replacing items, shoplifting ("ganking") for the fun, etc.
The "gank of America" struck big today at the Super G when they built a 10 ft high pyramid of cracker jacks in the middle of the aisle.
by Ganked101 August 6, 2008
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Back up fore' I smack the sit oucha ass. (A.K.A) I will cut up if you act up.
I will Gank Up right now.
by LeKaHa May 9, 2022
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Great Ganking or GG stands for randomly killing a person and winning the fight and used as a toxic spam message saying.
That was a Great Ganking Zach
by BoredZal April 15, 2022
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v. to stall or procrastinate, causing inconvenience or irritation to others.

n. one who stalls or procrastinates, causing inconvenience or irritation to others.
1.Nina, don't time-gank! We're about to be late!

2.Nina is such a time-gank! We always end up waiting for her!
by Michael Hitt March 18, 2008
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When both solo laner and junglers die to solo player.
*An ally has been slain*
*Double kill*
Mid: Nice Matdud Gank ;)
by Fuks_27 March 24, 2018
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When you and cho homies are in a Fortnite Battle Royale game and one of dem default looken ass dogs come up at cha and u boot gang dere shit and then give dem da L
Man I just boot ganged that default looken ass hoe and gave them the L thats what I call a Whole Lotta Gank Shid
by Coochie Snagger October 26, 2018
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