- A long, thin human with no fat on there bones. Typically could be blown over in the wind. It is an alternative adjective to ‘lanky’. People who are called ‘gangly’ get offended and may try to hit you, unfortunately for gangly they have no weight and the punch won’t hurt.
E.g. 6ft2 and 40kg
by yourkindhelpfulneighbor June 1, 2018
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Something that hangs or dangles in any way, it also might jiggle while its dangling... that makes it extra gangly. A proboscis monkey is gangly, male genitalia is gangly, sagging breasts are gangly, anythythng fun is gangly!
That ballsack is GANGLY!!!
by Elizebeth Somer April 18, 2006
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1. Of or pertaining to things are gang like.
2.Something that reflects a gangster.
That guys clothes were so big, they were falling off. They look gangly.

Did you see that guys gangly tattoo? It read, "Thug Life".
by Esqueebs February 11, 2012
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Be super clumsy falling around sort of messing things up breaking things such as cars fragile things like pool cues or icing things like projectors sometimes known as being a Lukas.
God stop falling around being all gangly.
Stop falling like a Lukas.
by Andy0319 November 20, 2013
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1.)Dirty or Nasty.
2.)Gross or Stinky
3.)All of they above.
Jesus, that hippie must be a naturalist, he's so gangly!
by Spryce November 6, 2005
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adv.1.Tall and lanky
2 Expresion for anything that is cool
Ben Mace, a.k.a. Beeno
Gabe Zink as well
by Dan May 1, 2003
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When a person is scrawny and slight and has intensely long arms--arms big enough to hug you and 3 of your closest friends because of their length, they are said to have the "ganglies." It is also called having the "ganglies," when a person who has slender long arms waves them like a wacky inflatable arm flailing tube man from Family Guy.
Jim Carrey has the ganglies because he is 6'2" and his arms reach within an inch of the midpoint between knees and hips.
Michael Cera, too, has the ganglies because he is 5'9" and has arms that hit closer to his knees than his waist.
Any tall and lanky person with long arms
by Lazerfly November 13, 2012
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