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A Gang Member Who Puts In Work For His Gang Such As Killing ,Drive By's, Shooting At Rivals.

There is a difference between claiming your a gangster and GangBanging.
Chicano : That Foo Claims He's A Gangster But He Don't Gang Bang!

Wanna Be's Claim There This And That But Don't Really Be Out There Gang Banging!!
by CHICANO PRIDE August 19, 2010
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to be posted on yo set or turf and protect it or sell drugs on it
i was walkin down the street and i saw two people wearing all red sellin drugs(gang banging
by Marcus Lorenzo Taylor May 26, 2006
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Multiple men having sex with a woman/man one after the other..
"Come over to Mary's tonight..She's having a gang banging and she loves lots of men.".
by Leeisready October 16, 2017
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