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A Gandle is a young man who voluntarily drinks a heavy mixture of anesthetics and tranquilizers (known as a Gandle Potion) for the purpose of inducing a near-death physiological state so that the Gandle's friends (known as Gandlers) can take turns sexually violating what is essentially a living corpse.

This practice began in Oregon (in a city I wont name) during the 1980’s when an underground association of anti-semetic, homosexual, necrophiliac morticians were looking for a way to satisfy their eccentric and largely illegal sexual appetites.

The group and their morbid practice of Gandling was discovered when practitioners began accidentally dying by overdose as well as by the often brutally intense Gandling.

Rumors persist, however, that other Gandling Groups have since emerged throughout the world.
JFM just loves to be the Gandle ... even when its not his turn ... he just chugs his gandle potion, zips up his leather mask and proclaims, "Gandle Me Ye Gandlers! Gandle Me Good! Gandle me with the generous gooey gobs of your great gandler gratitude!"

Also can be used like the word "smurf" ... as in, "I say sir! It would be extra gandly if you would gandle me a glass of gandle!"
by BurtReynoldsIsANinja November 22, 2006
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A lonjunction (lazy conjunction) of the two words "gay" and "handle". Your gandle is your gay handle. Have fun with that.
My friends don't like giving out their real names, so instead they use their gandles Mike Oxbig, Harry Balzak, and Ian.
by Sl33py April 24, 2006
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