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Gamma Iota is an unofficial underground fraternity at Bentley College which revolves around the idea of celebrating the greatness of the state of Rhode Island, or "the 401." Fully equipped with a President, VP, Social and Recruitment Chairs, and also with social events and a pledging process, Gamma Iota is fast becoming a recognized group among friends and also among the general population of Bentley the Boston area. All are welcome, you don't need to live in Rhode Island, one only needs to be ready to embrace the greatness that is - The 401.

Pledging Process: Can't go into all details obviously, but it involves all 38 cities and towns recognized on the official RI state map, traveling into them all in one day, and also "the trifecta" - a new york style hot weiner, an awful awful, and of course... dells lemonade.
Bob: Are you in a fraternity?

A Gamma Iota member: Yup, Gamma Iota. It's currentley Bentley's only unofficial underground fraternity. 401.
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