when you see two people standing back to back or side to side for more than 40 seconds with their hands palms up backwards seemingly hidden, meaning that they are dealing drugs or handling gum in school. The most popular place is in New York City or HW Mountz. New York styles is used when your fezzin of a jones for a fixin or a jonesin'
1. Yo fez and Bren just "New York Styled" gum right infront of Johny B Morman.

2. Chris Brown and Rhianna just dealt Nesquick powder on the street "New York Style."
thanks phil. said bob. i'm gonna go hop the Q
by Feztervelt March 27, 2009
anytime your so drunk that when you go down on a chick you spew all over her box.
hey, you, come get your new york style taco.
by richard roma October 24, 2003
Large flat thin crust pizza. This pizza is usually served in large triangular slices, and is sometimes eaten by folding the slice in half. SBarro is considered New York style pizza.
Chicago style pizza is ok, but New York Style Pizza RULES!
by Wally Wailer January 27, 2007
When you are so drunk that you are going down on a girl and you vomit, then you just keep going.
"Man, you got some wicked New York Style Taco breath!"
by Hellsa House September 18, 2008
So-called “food” that tastes even worse than dog feces coated with human blood.
Chicago Style Pizza OWNS New York Style Pizza!
by Santa Claus. April 20, 2009
When semen is covering a sex toy ("dildo") and is "eaten" by owner.
"i made her eat that new york style taco"
by Anonymous October 30, 2003