A person who plays games. A person who doesn't only play a single genre of gaming or a single console/handheld, thats a fanboy/girl. A gamer is one who games and knows it is a way of life. A Gamer is the highest level of being. Believe what you want,but gamers are the "ones". We Fucking Own.
by nafistehgamer January 29, 2008
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Any person who plays video games for a hobby. You have your recreational gamer who plays games only once or twice a week. You have your typical gamer who plays games once every day or every other day for a couple hours. Then you have the uber-gamers who dedicate their life to playing video games, either because of an unhealthy addiction or something job related.
Bill is pretty good at that game, no wonder he thinks he's such a great gamer.
by reckless April 27, 2004
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a guy who gets so much dubs in games
gamers are incredibly cool and are 70% of the population
they want school to burn down, they also want to not do chores anymore
kevin xie is such a epic gamer, he gets 20 wins a day.
by Shitloads of Godzillas May 8, 2022
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A person who plays video games for fun as a pastime or hobby. Anyone who says a gamer is almost always beyond this is not telling the truth.
by Anonymous June 27, 2005
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A racial slur referring to people who play video games. This term is on the same level as the n word and is not to be used lightly.
by Reuberg April 13, 2019
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Yeah I’m a gamer *dabs epicly*
by SadboyMqtthew69 December 28, 2019
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