An epic gamer who will see you on the battle bus
Hey gamers. Epic news. My wife left me and she's taking the kids. Later skaters
by Massive legend 78 December 16, 2018
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A person who plays games. A person who doesn't only play a single genre of gaming or a single console/handheld, thats a fanboy/girl. A gamer is one who games and knows it is a way of life. A Gamer is the highest level of being. Believe what you want,but gamers are the "ones". We Fucking Own.
by nafistehgamer January 28, 2008
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Any person who plays video games for a hobby. You have your recreational gamer who plays games only once or twice a week. You have your typical gamer who plays games once every day or every other day for a couple hours. Then you have the uber-gamers who dedicate their life to playing video games, either because of an unhealthy addiction or something job related.
Bill is pretty good at that game, no wonder he thinks he's such a great gamer.
by reckless April 27, 2004
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Somebody who discovers that real life is too boring.
I'm going to spend every minute of my week playing, because I'm a gamer
by JFireGamimg May 31, 2019
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Like racism but its against gamers
Tom:You are such a butt hole RON:whY Cause IM a GAMer? Tom:Yeah,No gamerism
by sosigmemezforgayniggas March 1, 2019
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A person who plays video games for fun as a pastime or hobby. Anyone who says a gamer is almost always beyond this is not telling the truth.
by Anonymous June 26, 2005
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(n.) a "Gamer" is someone, male or female, who plays video games often. There is no limit to certain games, nor is there a limit to certain consoles. Playing on a computer does not make one more of a "gamer" than one who plays on different consoles. Someone who plays shooter type games does not make them more of a "gamer" than one who plays racing games, either. There are different types of gamers who play different types of games at different lengths of time.
Jimmy is a gamer, he plays Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto regularly on his Xbox 360. Billy is a gamer too, who is always playing a variety of indie games and Minecraft. Jimmy says Billy is not a gamer because indie games are not hardcore. Billy says Jimmy is not a real gamer because he still plays on a console. Both need to go suck a cock.
by kaunua July 1, 2013
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