When your game cartridge is ripped out of your gameboy while you are playing
Someone is playing pokemon blue version so you rip out their game and yell "You got gamed!"
by got gamed May 20, 2009
1) "I was so gamed last night at practice!"

2) "I tried to pass the ball." Person

"Seriously? That was gamed!" Other Person
"Shut up." Person
by NeverShoutNeverGirl September 30, 2009
To be cheated.
The banks gamed me into investing in their AAA rated instruments, which it turned out were worthless - I lost everything.
by streaky April 21, 2010
(n) a type of game, as in means of attracting the opposite sex, usually perpetrated by men, in which they act as if they have no game in order to dupe women into dating them for the sole purpose of gaining their trust. Once this is achieved, the actual game is implemented.
She thought she had finally met a nice guy, but it turns out Chandler was just running the no game game on her.
by small e May 17, 2008
A phrase very similar to ‘Don’t hate the player, hate the game.’ Usually used as a witty and self-aware justification of one’s own or someone else’s socially questionable actions, especially sexual encounters. Might also be said as ‘The game’s A game.”
Friend 1: “Yo, there’s no way you fucked Tom’s sister.”
Friend 2: “Listen, mate, the game’s the game.”
by Eugene the Muzz Lord August 23, 2021
an inspiration quote designed to energise the gamer in your life
come on mate, gaming gaming gaming gaming, come on!
by tyhgtyhgt ok April 21, 2021