To have "game" is to attract people of the opposite sex. Game recognize game is when a person who has game, can see it in another, like a playa knows another player when he sees one.
by Jonathan Dack October 23, 2004
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Game Recognizes Game: {Concept}Is the idea that two Players, see playa, of unequal respect when meeting, will recognize and even pay homage to the player of greater respect.
When I went to a bar in Hollywood, I ran into Hugh Hefner. I had to give him props. Any player would know that, Game Recognizes Game.
by SammymatiK May 6, 2008
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An esoteric catchphrase of the urban male pimp, playa, rapper or wannabe that carries the weighty implication that only someone who has their game tight can have the appropriate respect and admiration for someone else's doubtlessly tight game.
"It was tight how you played Shenequa and Lavisha off each other like that..playa playa!"
"Game recognize game homie, you know how I do."
by redgyul September 21, 2004
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The phrase "game recognizes game" undoubtedly originated in urban culture to describe "players" but should not be limited to this category. Living by "Game recognizes game" helps one to remember to trust your own instincts about the intentions of others, which can be instantly sensed upon meeting. It also encourages you to strive to improve yourself, because people on high levels recognize each other's presence and vice versa. Finally, it is a constant reminder to carry yourself with dignity, stand tall, breathe correctly, and grasp your ability to use language because game always recognizes game.
Negative game recognizes game: A boy meets a girl at a frat party, he boasts about his family and she listens intently, adding an occasional "That's like so funny". Neither are able to maintain eye contact.

-These two "playas" are on the same level, he wants to use up a sweet girl for his false image and she displays passiveness to indicate her willingness to accept subordinate roles but also to manipulate him into commitment, thereby extracting his family wealth and semen.
Positive game recognizes game: A student sits attentively in a Texas university classroom, wondering what bullshit they are going to try and feed her next. She breathes, she smiles, she writes a poem. The teacher enters, he wears a casual outfit and begins a class conversation, disregarding rules and grading structures. Many students type, other students drool at facebook, others twitch nervously and bite at their nails. She breathes, tries to ignore, they meet eyes when many others are refusing to be engaged, without words, game recognizes game.
by blotan84 May 5, 2011
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it means that a playa knows another playa, and if you down you know who else be down
"ey homie you knowz dat game recognize game so we chill"
by trudown44 July 25, 2003
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One person uses tricks or cons by twisting words and prases to get what they want from another person, but the second person identifes the words as a trick or con, understands the deception and tells them they have been caught.
His words used to get the girl were really very soft but she still refused only saying "Game recognize Game".
by urban knowledge May 6, 2007
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one player recognizing the move of another player and in essence, playing the before stated player
"ol dude thinks he's playin me, but shoot, game recognize game."
by Tito January 13, 2004
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