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A family of rich badass Italians. They were originally from Sicily, but have moved across Mexico over the years. Never mess with a Gamboa because they got connections. Most Gamboas are Leos or Scorpios and constantly clash heads making their family history quite interesting. They are always at social gatherings like high class dinners or parties.
Dude 1: Damn this party is the shit!
Dude 2: Duh, a Gamboa is hosting, we're lucky we even got invited.
Dude 3: I wonder who came in all those black escalades
Dude 2: Psh, a Gamboa of course
by gangsta sexy June 23, 2011
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The Gamboas are beautiful Mexican people who lived in Mexico like Durango and Sinaloa. They are very Smart!! These people
Work hard labor! They are also light skinned they look white! These people are very mysterious, But very funny to be around! I will guarantee you that this family will have you crackin up real tears there so funny!
Dude1: damn that white girl fine as hell!

Dude2:she's Mexican

Dude1:no way she's a white girl!
Dude2:trust me she's my friend her last name gamboa !
by Durangocosala March 25, 2017
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