a gamer that isnt a fanboy/girl that cares more about the games they're playing and not the system
boy) im tired of all these fanboys bitching about which system is better, just play the games like a real gamer
girl) dont you hate the ps3
by brandon55629 July 8, 2015
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Someone who thinks they are a gamer, but ironically has barely if any sense of what a good game is.
"Man I love No Man Sky" said the real gamer.
by SnedgerIsAHoe April 17, 2019
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A person that no matter what happens he will always be thinking or playing video games, you dont need to be male or fat or even have glasses and be bullied, a gamer is a gamer, they care only about videogames and they normally prefer them to people, they have less friends and spend their free time sweating kills.
(they get very excited when they kill someone)
(new guy)- who is that in the computer room on his own?
(student)- oh, he is a real gamer.
(real gamer)- YESSSS, I GOT A KILL BOIIIIS!!!!
by it's_real_gamer_4_u. June 14, 2019
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