The act of stalking on Google Streetview. It's like stalking in real life but takes a lot longer and has a vastly reduced chance of getting caught. No more having to hide in the bushes or invest in expensive cameras.
To lazy to get your camera out; to hefty to leave your computer; have a need to know what a certain person is doing but would happily just look at a picture of their house taken from a moving car. You need to get into galking.
by Chemlock December 23, 2010
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The word Galk is used to express happiness or to acknowledge
another in the know. Typically said twice, rapidly, such as "Galk Galk"
Dude, look at those tits, GALK GALK!
When I opened my front door I found Chuck standing there saying Galk Galk!
Miss Santia gave Steve 3 points, Galk Galk!
by MEL ZIPCHITZ February 27, 2007
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(verb) - to google chat. Must be used in context with the messaging application, Google Talk.
S-Man has been galking with NimoKid all day long while at work.
by Salman0004 October 28, 2009
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Someone who is constantly gorfling arround with helks.
Dalvin spent the entire shmeegan galksing arround with that raven dorflin.
by gorfler March 09, 2020
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what your ex-wife could give you back in the 90s but no one had a name for it yet.
cheral used to give Tommy the galk galk 3000 at the parking lot.
by peenyweenybabyfucker December 13, 2021
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I was Galking online with my best friend, and the conversation went in another direction.
by Axyl Steel February 26, 2017
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