In 2021, the current urban definition of gock that is accepted amongst most of youth culture, refers to the cock of a transgender woman. An abbreviation of girl and cock. Gock.
Turns out my date last night was packin'. Gorgeous gock. I got gocked good.
by Theodore12344 August 16, 2021
A portmanteau of girl and cock. Used to define the feminine penis
Lemme suck ya gock girl.
by kaswaro November 19, 2020
Combination of the words “girl” and “cock”, used in reference to a woman’s penis.
Girl: Ughhh, I hate that I have a gock. Even tho it’s small and most guys think it’s cute.

Guy: It’s okay, no need to be ashamed of having a gock. They’re just genitals.
Girl: You’re right! Thanks
by yikesChlobee October 22, 2021
Word used on the internet to describe girl cock.
"jenny has the biggest gock"
by vespa scooter August 26, 2021