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An immediate response to one's story that is usually intended to be better.
Topping everything someone else says.

Always trying to one up someone.
Annoying people whom always attempt to give a better example or story. Someone that always has something to say or add to your story.
A person that always has a similar however better story than you.
" I made a delicious Italian chicken last night "

Gailing " Well I mad e a pork Tenderloin in a wine sauce that was absolutely fabulous"

I went swimming in my friends pool today"
Gailing " Well I went to the beach today and the ocean was beautiful"

"My son did well in his exam on Friday"
Gailing " Well my daughter got straight A's on her report card this semester and she's amazingly smart"
by Tellsitstraight March 08, 2012
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A reference to a conservative religious woman who begins to belabor on the closest unfortunate soul, similar to 'wailing'. This may include unjustified opinion to continuous music playing. Random people may suffer from such attacks that will leave them confused and slightly scared. Offspring may suffer a substantial amount of gailing. Resistance is futile and there is no cure. Best known way to avoid gailing is to appear to obey her rules and say yes to everything.
No honey, I can't marry you, because I'm scared of your mom, she may begin gailing on me.

If you don't marry me I'll start gailing on you!
by codlor November 26, 2010
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To steal someone's story, take over a conversation, or general diarrhea of the mouth.
I was trying to talk, and she kept gailing me! interrupt break in inject cut in cut off shortstop
by ladybizness July 13, 2013
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