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A guy who is legit a really cool person 2 b around who is very hard working and spends like 3 shifts on the weekend collecting money 4 charities. This person knows how to FLY A LEGIT GLIDER PLANE, is like black belt ninga, has mad piano skills even with all these intense skills he has a past time writing books and making youtube vids. He loves 2 watch anime and just b all like chillll..... :D

Overall a Gaffney is a very interesting and nice person 2 be around!
Person #1: see that dude in like the glidder plane

Person #2: yep thats Gaffney he is a cool dude......
by APERSONWHOISAPERSON September 29, 2013
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The adjective gaffney describes someone or something that is hideous, disgusting or repulsive.

The word comes from the surname of British actor Dean Gaffney, who is famously ugly.
I can't believe you fucked that girl last night! She was gaffney!

Who farted? That's gaffney!

by Gaffney & Associates January 14, 2008
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The best town in the south and the country. Also has the best high school football team and peaches in the country.
That town Gaffney has some dam good football players like Justin Ness #43 and the best peaches I ever had.
by rick June 21, 2004
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When smoking weed the person who smokes half the joint in one hit is referred to as Gaffney, especially when the joint is not theirs.
Yo Gaffney pass that shit before its gone man.
by Johnny Apple Weed November 19, 2007
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Gaffney actually is a piss spot on the map. The prior entry was indicative of the intellect of one of its residents. BUT they do have the biggest peach in the world.
"Buck White walks to work everyday....from Gaffney to Toccoa"
by Brithael July 17, 2006
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