1) Abbreviation for the song "Geek Stink Breath" by the band Green Day. In all actuality the song is very good. The website is not. (see below)

2) The abbreviation for a fansite and message board for fans (and some haters) of the band Green Day. Created by some guy named Dujo ,who lives somewhere no one's ever heard of, but actually runs on idol worship. You can post your useless opinions on the threads and have no one care about them OR you can post them on the journals and have no one care about them. Home to never ending arguments over who is a real fan, who is not a real fan (see teenie), and many many fights over stereotypes. Also for depressed rants and advice on how to cut yourself (see emo/attention whore)

In order to become an internet celebrity amongst the GSB crowd you must be a dick, online all the freaking time, or type LYKkeE ThIISS BeCUZZ Ur BEiiNG IRooNIcc!!1! LyKE ZOmmG!! LAWL!!1

For some reason its grossly addicting and you will never be able to pry yourself away from it. This may be because it is a cult.
1)I'm on a mission
I made my decision
To lead a path of self destruction
A slow progression
Killing my complexion
And it's rotting out my teeth...

2) If you are registered on GSB please log out, forget your password, block the site, and promptly blow up the computer you have been visiting it on. Thank you.
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Gay Sex Banana. A term to show outrageous affection to one. Usually used for sex enthusiasts that shall be left unamed.
GSBs to take over the world!
by The One Of Only Two GSB February 20, 2007
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