This word has no meaning in essence, it can effectively mean anything you wish for it to mean, with the minute exception of the word 'HILARE' (short for hilarious). Its fits into any context you need it to and can be used and/or applied to almost anything...
Man thats so GRAW!
Ahh FFS! Thats so GRAW!
Aww man that sucks, really GRAW!
by fitz.dylan.gerald October 18, 2010
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grind to make cash; the way you make money, usually in a bitch-labour sort of job. Lil' Dicky, Professional Rapper: "Yeah, and I saw it quick all the flaws that be coming when you graw like that, Know you been racing them rats, you ain’t been making them raps..."
I been on that graw at McDo's, trying to make enough to pay off my 2011 Ford Fiesta.
by ben_jamer December 04, 2017
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used to describe someone fucking horrible and nasty
man iris is looking graw as fuck

oh dear haidee looks bare graw today
by haidee&iris December 13, 2016
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