Ginger Penis Syndrome

When one has orange pubic hair, and a small freckled penis that cannot be exposed to sunlight due to paleness
While in a public restroom, Jeremiah happened to noticed something peculiar about Jon. Then he realized that Jon has Ginger Penis Syndrome

Jeremiah: "OMG Carl, did you see Jonny's GPS!?"

Carl: "Yeah! He might want to get that checked out!"
by GPS creator February 11, 2014
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an acronym for gay penis syndrome. First diagnosed by famed scholar Derek Bowles. When a man is straight, and is attracted to woman, but who's penis is not.

A way of mocking a friend.
Dude, I think you have GPS
by randomnamebecausetheyarealltak December 04, 2010
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A digital crutch used by people who proudly claim to be handicapped with a poor sense of direction or a poor mental map of their surroundings.
Relying on GPS weakens our natural ability to find our own way, while atrophying other cognitive skills that are needed to navigate our oft-complicated lives—we need to resurrect the lost art of getting out of our comfort zone and finding our way without a map or GPS.
by MathPlus February 19, 2018
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Jim : My GPS doesn’t work

Billy : I’ve got GPS

Jim : Really?

Billy : Ya... giant penis syndrome!! Haha
by puZslayer69 January 28, 2020
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The electronic piece of shit that INSISTS that this turn off is the right one and despite following it's directions leads you astray and off into a horror movie-esque town.
This damn GPS brought us here AGAIN?! This isn't even nearly the right place!
by SeriousManMan December 27, 2017
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Global positioning system. The device wants to tell you where to go but always recalculates. Because you come up with a better route to your destination.
"Follow your GPS."
"She wants me to go onto that road, but it's closed. I don't usually listen to her."
by YoukoM November 25, 2017
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