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(good penis day) A day when everything is hanging right, it's never in the way, and it just feels overrall good.
I havent had GPD in while. Lately its been constantly in the way, I can hardly sleep.
by Chemski18 August 10, 2011
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garbage patch designs; consisting of pnut, spanky, monky, tarzan, and pyro. maybe we'll add members at a later time. we are neat.
by pnut and pyro October 30, 2004
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Garbage Patch Designs. the coolest posse to ever grace the earth. we are spiffy to death, and we rock your mom. until next time, peace bitches.
GPD will strike a bitch.
GPD in the hizzy.
GPD... um... yep.
by Pnut the Majestic March 10, 2005
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Guinea Pigged -

To be the first to test out something in a group.
Person 1: "Hey I GP'd the new Gucci aces, review coming soon"
Person 2: "Awesome thanks"
by Aveuss December 22, 2017
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The Great Pussy Depression of '09.
It all started when a black man was elected president. He promised a change, but it never happened. After that it swept across the nation like the Bubonic plague. Many have felt it, yet only few have admitted it. Reports have came in from all over the country. New Jersey to California, Alabama to North Dakota. For a reason not yet explained by scientist or scientologists, the entering of P into V (or B), has been far and few between for all of mankind. Married, single, looking or lesbian, few females have been surrendering the vagina. The reason? Some so called "experts" blame global warming, for enlarging the oceans, and forcing 'clams' to stay closed in the heart of the sea, rarely revealing the pearl. Others say that women have been becoming more and more slutty each year, and have finally went back to chivilious times, only giving up the pooty poo to a select few men, who have been fortunate enough to crush every piece of ass that the rest of us have been missing out on. Either way, the GPD needs to end soon. Jergins stock alone can't rise high enough to relieve this recession.
"Dude, I've yanked it 11 times since I woke up, and its not even noon yet"

"I know how you feel man. The GPD is killin me. My right arm is stronger than Lincoln Hawks" -(Sylvester Stallones character in the classic "Over The Top")
by Californication6969 September 08, 2009
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Game Play Delay. Used in online gaming chat and message boards. Commonly found in twitch chat when streamer delays game play for any reason.
My game crashed and cause some GPD.
by FlyingDog007 August 29, 2018
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