"Those Cavendish Restaurant Style fries are goaty"

"Tom Brady to Rob Gronkowski is goaty"
by Hogi69 April 16, 2018
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A goat, that is beautiful. Often used among friends as a joke during the goat craze.

A complete compliment used mainly among females.
"Angel, you look goatiful today! ;)"
by Elalalalalala. November 13, 2011
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Extremely elongated, and often times dangly nipples on a male or female, resembling the nipples of a goat. In order to be classified as "goaties" the nipple has to be at least half an inch long . A common cause of goaties are nipple clamps.
God Damn! Did you see the goaties on that bitch? You could play ring toss with those.
by Thieving Pete October 03, 2007
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A smaller/shorter version of a beard, a much better and cooler style of facial hair, usualy on younger dudes
That dude should really trim his goatie, it exceeds his face like 3 inches
by Some chik January 10, 2005
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A slang word meaning "game of the year," the abbreviation of which is "GOTY."

Source: Gamespot's "The Hotspot" Podcast, week of December 9, 2007.
Warhawk is a contender for the PS3's goaty.

My goaty would have to be The Orange Box.

Super Mario Galaxy and Halo 3 are strong choices for the overall goaty.
by Moggraider December 13, 2007
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Someone having the qualities and resemblance of a goat.
That goaty ass whore ass bitch needs to hide her face.
by Kbizzz March 02, 2009
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