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1) noun: prerequisite examination for MBA programs, constructed by formerly tortured high school nerds as a way to bitch slap formerly popular jocks and student government (presently college students with Greek affiliations aka sorority sluts and frat boys) later in life. Causes retinal bleeding, brain aneurysms, and wrist slitting behavior. Requires $250 fee and advanced scheduling. Depletes social life; causes anxiety, irritability, and loss of libido. Often taken in multiple dosages to ensure suicidal temptation.

2) noun: intelligence comparison tool for young business professionals.
1) "Hey, wanna hook up on Valentine's day?"
"Sorry, I've got a hot date with my GMAT book. I'll be killing myself shortly after it cums and I clean up the paper skeet."

2) One business professional to another, during an after hours social networking event: "What was your GMAT score? I got a 750!"
"A lady never reveals her age, weight or GMAT score."
by Mi-shizzle February 15, 2008
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