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(noun): Good Idea Poorly Executed -- something (an outfit, a business, a relationship) that might have been spectacular if it wasn't totally bungled in the execution
the resurrection of 90210, sarah jessica parker's fashion line, obama's big VP reveal -- all GIPEs.
by Khemsurov August 24, 2008
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A girl who's too tanned and wears lots of make-up. Likely someone who calls her friends "bitch" or "betch". She usually thinks she's way hotter than she is and edits all her pictures on Picnik to adjust the contrast. They feel this makes them look better but unfortunately it doesn't. They like to work as waitresses or in retail clothing stores and they usually backcomb their hair. Most gipes are skinny and many are sluts. The term became famous after an episode of the ABC show "Wipeout" involving three sisters with the last name Gipe who were addicted to tanning.
Yo that waitress is such a gipe, she looks orange.
by gipe_expert December 11, 2010
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1. The act of tanning your penis.

2. Fucking a bitch that is so tan your penis is now tan.
1. "I'm sick of my tan lines. I need to gipe. "
2. "Man I nailed this tan bitch last night now my cock is giped"
by Z&Slayer June 11, 2009
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Anal seepage, a nasty experience after having been bummed
Ryan had a load of gipe last night after Richard bummed him.
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A term discovered by 3 linguistic pioneers while on a trip near Ithaca college. These intelligent young men, Christian, Joshua, and Ahmed, came to the conclusion that the word Gipe is in fact a word used to describe a person acting in an unfavorable manner, saying things not needed to be said, or just being a nuisance. Gipe is a word used to describe someone in a negative way.
*Person says something unintelligent and unnecessary in an annoying voice*
"yo, dat guy sounds like a gipe."

*person does something stupid that should never have been done*
"why is dis guy acting like such a gipe?"
by lil buddy/lil guy June 20, 2009
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