What a black guy responds with when someone makes a statement with ignorance or say the wrong thing.
Guy: No, squidward is the cook at the Krusty Krab!

Guy2: No, he's the cashier! GET IT RIGHT.
by AnalPenetrationByForce October 21, 2011
To correct or fix something you feel is incorrect, about yourself or someone else.
Example 1: Q: Where you going? to the gym, A: Gotta get it tight, GET IT RIGHT.
Example 2: She/he still fat after gaining all that weight. Yeah, she/he need to get it right.

Example 3: Get it together / Getting it together or make better.
by SexNToys September 23, 2013
Urban record label based out of Louisville, KY. Behind such songs as Lohan Freestyle, Jolie Homewrecker, etc. Home to Bumba, Concrete & Jhae. www.getitright-records.com
Get It Right Mothafucka! Lindsay Lohan, She Got Some Big Ass Titties!
by Stake April 21, 2005
Also abbreviated to GSRIN. Difficult to define. A stronger version of get stuck in, it relates to becoming completely absorbed in a task to the point of retarded autism, becoming completely oblivious to the basic human needs of yourself and everyone around you, or just giving someone heaps and heaps of shit to the point that if they ignore you they look like a fucking idiot.

The key to the definition is pronoucing RIGHT properly - it's a subtle mix of the feral accents of the boofheads on the Footy Show and... a freaky cannibalistic murderer who is harrassing his kidnapped victim.
Sharma: Hutnut, I reckon you should do the Japan brief and I don't want to just get stuck in. How stuck in do I want you to get.......? I want you to get stuck RIGHT in.


Merz: Hey Hungry Hungry, can you get the door?
Hungry Hungry: Shut up, you fat pirate.
Small man Wicky: Yeah! The boys are getting STUCK RIGHT IN!!!!!
by hutnut999 May 19, 2010
When someone is corrected for doing something wrong. Another person joins in to mess with them.
Roger: you know the bulls won
Joe: no the tigers won

Dez: get it right terio
by Mckboi February 16, 2014
“I could get you right, when are you free?”
by jittabug01 January 16, 2020
To be in a state opposite of being an asshat. To have your mind focused properly on the task at hand. Usually attributed to baseball hitters, who need to have their head right with ball to hit it properly.
We'll see if the Mavs can do anything this year. Even though Devon Harris is a rookie, he's getting his head right with ball.

I had to turn off urban dictionary at work and get my head right with ball.
by Leif April 7, 2005