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A shortened version of General Chirpsing Skills, that was coined by the badass youth of Hackney, London.

If a boy is chatting up a girl and his friends see they may state 'GCS'
Dude how did you get that girl?" "I've Been working on my GCS
by Hackney yout' January 31, 2011
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Abbreviation for 'game creation system'. Examples range from ASCII games such as ZZT to more elaborate examples such as RPG Maker 2000.
"I've found a new GCS ... I haven't made anything in it, yet."
by MadTom September 23, 2004
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Glasgow Coma Score, or Glasgow Coma Score. A scoring system to determine a person's level of consciousness. A score of 15 is determined by eye movement, verbal skills and the person's motor skills and reaction to pain. Published in the University of Glasgow. The Paediatric GCS, or PGCS is used for children under 36 months.
Paramedic: Approx. 23 year old John Doe, found unconscious in the road. Head lac and possible tib fib fracture. BP is 90 systolic, GCS was 6 at the scene, now 12.
by JD UK January 20, 2006
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a school where the pastor traditionally gives all the teachers a blow job after giving them the job. the students are taught to pole dance, strip tease, and variety of sex positions, including 69 and doggy style. this school only accepts kids of ages 3-6. at the graduation ceremony the guys perform their masturbation dance and the girls do their famous finger dance for their friends and family.
jill:damn that girls a hoe!""
did she go to gcs?

jack: "yea she graduated with honors in pornograhpy.
by nnikitamari July 27, 2009
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